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Thick Decal - Chanterelle
Westcoast Thick - Women's Fall 23


WCT is a fun, graphic-happy shop, solely located in Powell River, British Columbia! Home of the Thick tee, hoodie and decal!

Over the years the Thick Brand has evolved and fine-tuned its focus; always authentic - always adventure seeking! With a passion for playful, bold graphics with a kick of grit, Thick currently enjoys creating unique designs that are reflective to local wildlife and trail exploration - with a main wheely influence.

The shop began in 2013 by owner and designer Jeanette Kangas! Thick loves design, details and the lesser noticed. And especially, exploring, nature and the unknown! Most tee designs tell a story, sometimes of trails, wildlife or a reflection of something comical or inspirational. Designs eventually make their way into Thick's growing collection of decals too.

Westcoast Thick - Thou Shalt RideWestcoast Thick - Mens fall22

Come April 2024, Thick's storefront on Manson Ave will close and our NEW smaller home will emerge at Powell River Outdoors! Come and find us at 4466 Marine Ave in Powell River. We will continue the Thick and Fillet & Release Brands and will cater to hunting, fishing and logo wear themes in the form of decals, hats, tees and hoodies for both youth and adults.

Biking has always been a big influence for Thick and the continuation of mountain/dirt bike jerseys will live on! Available at here as well as the PRO shop storefront.

WCT is very thankful for all our loyal fans and supporters over the years! Your appreciation, excitement for designs and shared stories are greatly valued. We are honored to help represent our awesome community and beautiful area. All Thick and FNR clothing sales donate $1 to local wildlife and habitat. You can directly support these important groups too at PROWLS, PR Salmon Society and Tla'amin Salmon Hatchery.

As of April 2024, Thick will take the path to its original roots of large acrylic paintings, with J.Kangas Art. Collections soon in the works will be a Powell River backcountry series, local wildlife and action sport paintings along with a digital series. These pieces will become available locally and here as originals and limited-run prints. Stay tuned!


1.  Lush n THICK backcountry of Powell River! Full of mountains, lakes and trails. Endless explorations await you. 
2.  Need a THICK skin to reach your goals and push through life. It will be tough. Stay focused. Ignore the mainstream. Lead your own way.
3.  We’re never fully ready to start must just jump into the THICK of it and go do it. And get up and do it again when knocked down.